Cycling Betting Guide for Beginners

Cycling might not be the most popular sport out there but when it comes to countries like France, Italy, and Spain, the hype for these competitions is quite high. There are multiple tours or races, including the Olympics during which bettors can place wagers and speculate the outcomes.

Although preparations for the race and the race itself are extremely difficult for the competitors, betting on cycling is pretty straightforward. Here we will go over a few tips or suggestions for those who wish to place bets on cycling competitions. If you never placed wagers before, you will hopefully find this article useful. 

How to Bet

The betting is pretty much the same as for motor races and horse racing. You put your faith in the cyclist you believe will win. Given how unpredictable the races can be, this is actually a pretty difficult thing to guess. So, if you wish to improve your odds you might want to consider placing a different bet. 

If you are not sure how a certain cyclist will perform but you are confident he will rank at the top you can place a top 3 or even top 10 bet. This gives you better control over the outcome and it’s a safer bet, sort of speaking.

You can make things a bit more interesting and instead of wagering on who will win at the end, you can wager how someone will perform at a certain stage of the race. 

In the event you love high rewards and big stakes, you can go for a future bet, where you put money on a cyclist months before the race takes place. Alternatively, you can bet who will win a title called King of the Mountain. 

Choosing Your Betting Operator

If you wish to play online and choose an operator for the first time, there are a few things you need to consider. First and foremost, you need to select a reliable operator, someone who has a license and who has been around for a long time. This is because there is a lot of fraud in the online world, and it’s easy for a new website to simply take your money and sensitive information while refusing to payout. 

A good approach is to find a local provider if they are licensed and regulated by your own government.

If you cannot, you can go for a reliable foreign provider that can accommodate the payment methods available to you and that allows you to withdraw winnings. Finally, see if there are any user incentives or welcome bonuses that you can take advantage of when creating an account. This will give you some extra funds to play with.  

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