6 Different Types of Bikes to Choose From

Buying a bike is easy if you have done all the necessary research in advance. If you are wondering how hard it can be to find the perfect bike for yourself, the answer is simple: It can be super easy if you know what you need and want. The first question that you need to ask is what do you need that bike for? 

There are many different types of bikes designed for commuting, cycling on dirt roads, mountains and there are even bikes for children. Take a look at some of the bike categories you will be able to find online or in a local bike shop. 

  • Road bikes
  • Commuter bikes (Hybrids)
  • Mountain bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Bikes for kids

Road Bikes

If you are planning to go cycling down the roads, or do city tours the best choice you can make is to get a road bike. In essence, all bikes can serve this purpose, however, road bikes are specialized for cycling on roads. This bike type will have amazing performance on road, as its frame shape and tires are designed to make this type of ride enjoyable. With this kind of bike, you will be able to go fast on tarmac roads and enjoy every bit of it. 

Mountain Bikes

Do you like off-road trails and cycling on mountains? Then, the rest is simple. The perfect type for this kind of terrain is a mountain bike. Yes, these are a bit chunky in size and have wider tires, but these are all elements that are making them suitable for a “bumpy” ride. Apart from knobby tires, you will also find that this bike has many gears and a front suspension. Still, there are mountain bikes with front and rear suspension for cyclists who need extra cushioning or no suspension or the so-called hardtail bikes.

Commuter Bikes

Also known as hybrid bikes, commuter bikes are a mix of the previous two types. Cyclists who are looking for a mix between a mountain and road bike could greatly benefit from hybrids. Feeling like switching terrains ever so often? Then the versatility that the hybrids provide is all that you need. As far as the distinctive features are concerned, you will probably see commuter bikes with flat handles, front suspension,m comfortable geometry, and tires on the slicker side.

Folding Bikes

People who like camping, or staying on the road will probably find folding bikes quite convenient. As the name itself describes, you can fold this bike and make it fit in your car, trailer, or anywhere in your home. Do you like commuting to work by bike, but you are wondering where to park it? With folding bikes, you will be able to do so without worrying about space, due to its compact size. These bike types usually have smaller wheels and upright geometry.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are perfect for people who want to spend some time outside cycling but don’t like the paddling part. Also, if you live in a hilly area, you will find a battery-powered bike with an electromotor quite useful. This can also be useful for commuting to work without ending up all in sweats. There are multiple types of electric bikes such as hybrids, electric mountain bikes, or electric road bikes.

Kids Bikes

Parents who are thinking about buying their kids a bike might want to take the size into consideration. This is why most bike manufacturers have a special category for children. There is a range of different ids bikes, starting with a balance bike, road bike, trail center-competent junior mountain bike, and others.

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