4 Strategies That Will Make Cycling More Difficult

Cycling is one of the most popular outdoor types of exercise that allows cyclists to enjoy the environment while working on their strength and fitness. Still, regular cruising on a bicycle in your neighborhood isn’t going to cut it for everyone. In order to break a sweat, some people need more strenuous and difficult exercising. But, the real question is, can you do that on a bike? Of course, you can, you just need to implement certain elements into your cycling routine! Take a look at some of the top strategies that will turn cycling into a more difficult exercise.

Go Uphill

Walking uphill is pretty hard, let alone cycling on terrain with incline. If you want to make your cycling session harder and put some work into it, make sure to ride your bike uphill. Regardless of the gear you choose, cycling with an incline will force you to stay focused and spin the pedals fast or hard. Just make sure to evaluate your strength properly and avoid choosing cycling up at an angle that is too easy or too hard for you.

Go High-Gear

Those who have been cycling for a while know that the higher the gear the harder it will become to move the pedals. In essence, the bigger chainring means you need more strength to pedal, and the smaller means that pedaling will get easier. Adjust the gear and try out different variants until you find the one that seems difficult enough for you. Going high gear will also help you with hypertrophy and gaining muscle mass. 

Do Sprints

Most cyclists focus on sprinting during the off-season, as they want to avoid getting overtrained by summer. Cold months seem perfect for sprinting – and the fact that you can fight the cold with this super-efficient cycling warm-up is a plus. Power sprints can also be added to your cycling routine every time you want to break the boring cycle and spice up the program. Make sure to do power sprints for 5 to 10 seconds and out all that you’ve got into it to make it efficient.

Set a Goal

Setting a goal for every ride will help you stay disciplined and avoid ending the session too soon. You will be able to strain your muscles to a greater extent when cycling for a longer period. In order to achieve this, you will have to carefully plan your workout schedule on a weekly basis and stick to it. Set a goal for every cycling session and also make a long-term goal.

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