How To Make Your Own Workout Plan

Working out is one of the healthiest habits one can have, yet many people are struggling with motivation, knowledge, and discipline. However, the sedentary life that most of us are living will show its consequences sooner than later. But many people out there are struggling to give working out a go since they don’t have a workout plan figured out. Here’s how you can plan a workout on your own.

Find a Gym or Invest in Fitness Equipment

If you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, you have two options – to start on your own at the comfort of your home or join a gym.

Those who are too shy to start this journey means a bunch of strangers could benefit a lot from investing in some basic workout equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, pilates ball, etc. 

However, keep in mind that the workout environment in a gym is usually very welcoming. Plus, you will be able to see how other people do certain exercises or even ask them for their opinion on your posture, and technique. 

Watch Youtube Videos

Until you gain some experience with exercising you can look for workout content on Youtube. This can help beginners choose their type of exercise and decide which body parts they want to work most on. In addition, influencers, athletes, and fitness gurus making most of these videos will point out the most important elements of a particular exercise. If you ever tried to commit to an anaerobic or aerobic exercise routine, and you didn’t see the results, you might not be doing the exercises the right way.

Schedule Your Workout

Having a plan and sticking to it will help you a lot with discipline and help you avoid skipping the gym. This is why it is crucial that you set a precise time and day in a week for your workout. Thus if you are planning to do total-body workouts, you don’t want to do more than three days a week. In case you want to make a bit less exhausting plan, you can pair the exercises by the body type for movement type and opt for exercising five times a week- either way, make sure that you are getting enough rest.

Set-Rep-Rest Plan

One should always have a fitness goal on their mind when deciding how to plan their set-rep-rest scheme. When creating such a scheme, gym-goers should take into consideration whether they want to work on their strength, muscle growth, or fat loss. For example, the first one would be a more low-rep, high set plan, while the muscle growth and fat loss set-rep plan would be opposite from that. 

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