4 Tips That Every Beginner Should Know Before They Start Cycling

So, you decided to start cycling! And that’s great news, but there are some things that you should know in advance so your cycling journey would begin without any tribulations. It seems that in the past year more and more people are deciding to take up a physical activity that would enable them to get out of the house more often. And cycling is simply the perfect way to do that. 

However, as a beginner, you must have a lot of questions and you might think that you will never look as good on a bike as some professionals do. But you need to remember that even those professionals were beginners once. So, don’t be afraid of the things that you are yet to learn. 

In this short guide, we’ll go over some of the basic tips that every beginner should know before they start cycling. 

Get Your Bike At A Shop Nearby

If you don’t have a bike, and you’re planning on getting one, the best practice would be to get it at a local shop. The reason why you should do so is actually really simple – it’s because this is the easiest way to replace something or find additional parts for your bike if anything goes wrong. Moreover, the people from your local shop will assist you in choosing the right bike that suits your current needs. Therefore, it’s better if you do this purchase in person and not online. 

Tweak Your Bike To Make It Comfortable

Even the most professional cyclists are always fixing their bikes to make them more comfortable so that they would get the ultimate riding experience. This adjustment process can last for a long time, so don’t expect that the bike will be perfectly comfortable from the moment you buy it. The first that you need to do is set the height of your saddle. This is done by placing one leg at the lowest point of the pedal so that the leg is straight. 

Learn How To Fix A Flat Tire

Fixing a flat tire on a bike isn’t that hard and it’s something that every cyclist should know how to do. Moreover, this simple skill can save you a lot of trouble if you are in the middle of the road or in a hurry to get somewhere. The best way to learn how to fix a flat tire is by asking for instructions at the bike shop where you made the purchase or by watching online tutorials. You can even ask a friend or family member who likes to cycle to show you if they know how to do it. 

Invest In Some Basic Equipment

You might think that all you need to start cycling is a bike, but that is not true. There are other pieces of equipment that every cyclist should have on them, no matter if they are cycling in nature or around an urban area. Firstly, you’ll need a helmet that protects your head from any injury in case of an accident. Also, gloves will protect your hands in the long run. Additionally, protective sunglasses enable you to be focused on the ride and the road, since they protect your eyes from small bugs or any other thing that might harm your vision. 

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