Top Apps That Any Entrepreneur Will Find Useful

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is work efficiency. One of the ways we can streamline our tasks and manage workload is by relying on various apps. Another important thing about apps is that they have definitely evolved along with mobile hardware. Nowadays we can install bigger and more complex apps that can help us with our everyday lives. Here we will focus on apps that help entrepreneurs manage their company, or that are just useful in general. 


Entrepreneurs have tons of meetings lined up for each month, and it comes to a point when it’s difficult to keep track. Sure Google Calendar comes in handy but an even better app is called Accompany. You get so much more than a reminder, you get a briefing for the meeting and some useful information regarding other attendants. It’s almost like having a personal assistant that is exclusively in charge of keeping you up to date with everything meeting-related. 


Probably one of the best tools to help you organize the sales pipeline and manage customer relationships. Salesforce is an incredibly robust system that might take some time to figure out, but it’s worth it, and their users love it. With all of its business analytics features integrated into a single app, you will always be on top of things and revenue streams. It’s actually one of those apps that allows you to manage your company while you are on a trip, and it helps create a remote working environment. 


If you are running a small or midsize operation and want to know how your projects are progressing then definitely go for Trello.

It’s easy to use, people will intuitively figure it out, and it’s a handy tool for project management. As a leader, you will always know how your projects are going, how many tasks have been completed, and what milestones your team has reached production-wise. 


Finally, you need something to help you manage your finances or accounting software. Luckily, FreshBooks is among the best tools out there. It is a cloud-based solution pretty much designed for small business owners, who don’t have to deal with complex accounting work. It allows you to sync up your data and have a neat overview of your expenses and revenue. Basically, everything you need to be on top of your accounts, costs, and profit. 

These were some of the must-have apps that can really help you navigate through your new lifestyle. If you are in the shoes of an entrepreneur for the very first time, you will definitely find all of the apps covered here, more than useful.

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