Push the pedals down…ALL the way down

The thing that most new cyclists don’t know, is that they won’t die.  They can push harder than they can imagine, and when I started racing I remember it was my biggest hurtle, learning how to suffer more, because that is where all the big gains are.  The more I pushed myself, the more I was able to push myself, the stronger I got, the more I enjoyed riding.  It helps if you get a little angry or remember when someone was mean to you, fuel for the effort.  Your not going to fall off the bike even if you are near exhaustion, your already sitting down! 

 The focus and willingness to work hard…

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The fundamentals of getting faster on your bike. by Coach Craig

The fundamentals of getting faster on your bike. by Coach Craig

Cycling is like any other sport, there are fundamental skills, equipment and conditioning that create our performance on the bike. Like the elemental table they are the building blocks of all matter, in our case they build the cyclist we are or want to become. Some of us use only some of the elements, and others use all of them in the right quantities and the right order to maximize our speed and performance. Here are some helpful tips if you want to get faster this season.

1. Be sure your bike fits you well, you could be leaving 10% or more of your speed in a bad fit. We see it every season, riders with power meters see instant gains after getting fit correctly to their bikes. Plus they enjoy cycling more if they are comfortable and fast on the bike. Continue reading