New to Indoor cycling?

If it is your first time, Craig breaks down how to get started with us (it’s really easy) in this short video.

Getting Ready

  • Wear clothes you can sweat in (there are bathrooms and changing rooms)
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • Bring your bike (we might have to put in a rear skewer but that is no problem.  If you have a new bike with a Thru-Axel, please let us know ahead of time, we have adapters but only a few of each size)
  • If you have a ANT+ heart rate monitor strap, bring it
  • If you have a strava or garmin or training peaks account, bring username and password

Setting up

  • Tire pressure around 90 or as high as tire sidewall recommends
  • Putting your bike in the trainier: ask for coaches help
  • Calibrating: can skip your first time, or your coach will show you
  • Just show up a bit early and tell the coach it is your first class
  • more on set up in this video


  • Adjusting your resistance/FTP.  We start low, usually 100 for women and 150 for men.
  • Cadence, your coach will advise, up to you but we do ask that you stretch yourself
  • Clip in pedals/shoes recommended, but not necessary

Just email to reserve your first free class, any of our regular indoor classes are a good first class or you can set up a private orientation 1-1 with one of our coaches:

Videos related to getting started, set up, and testimonials from some of our students: