Cyclocross Cross CX – Go Time!

Hello Cross Faithful, time to start your engines!
As many of you know we have 2 options this year besides our regular individual coaching and bike fitting for Cross.  For newer Cross racers we have the full bootcamp with weekly training and massive drilling of the fundamentals beginning August 2nd(see below).  For experienced Crossers we have the more custom CX/XTC Coaching program with more independent training and selected group days.  Both are the same price at $299.  Hope you can join us!3rd_State_Champs_50_years_old_500_333.jpg
I hope you have had a great “off” season, but if you are like me, there is no real off-season when you are passionate about Cross, just rest/recovery and then the rebuild for the next season!   The race schedules are finally up for MFG, Cross Revolution and others and I have been hard-at-it coming up with the next evolution of our Cross bootcamp for those of you that have been through our program and want more.   I looked at what I really need and narrowed it down to 3 key things for massive improvement:
-the right training plan built around my schedule
-race simulations that will get me *more* than ready for the races, with exaggerated challenges. 
-previewing courses I will race on to practice the toughest sections at speed

OPTION #1:  
CX/XTC Cyclocross Extreme Coaching, and we have partnered with the Wednesday NightWorlds at the North SeaTac course and added in more personal customized approach to achieve the 3 keys above. Here is what is included:
  1. 1-1 meeting with Coach Craig to set your custom individual plan for the season, built around your schedule and races ($150 normally).  Diet, core, yoga and strength training for Cross included. 
  2. Cross specific bike fit check and pedal stroke analysis ($150 normally)
  3. 3 intense Cross immersion training sessions with indoor and outdoor training lasting 3 hours Saturday August 6th20th September 10th ($100 normally)
  4. Wednesday night World Championships North SeaTac for pre-season Cross Racing on August 24th and 31st & September 7th and 14th ($60)
  5. Unlimited indoor wattage based Sufferfest and new CX/XTC Computrainer workouts as part of your program either with us or on your own July 1 – October 1 at Sand Point Cycle U ($160)
  6. Course preview workouts:  Lake Sammamish, Woodlawn Park, North SeaTac, Silver Lake, Marymoor, Magnuson ($120)
  7. The beauty of this program is that all elements of your preparation are coordinated in your personalized training plan, built to address your unique needs/schedule and goals and integrating group training and race simulations prior to the season to hold you accountable.  Pure quality training and no fluff.
Separate cost for this program: over $700 – Your cost less than half $299.  Your $100 refundable deposit holds your spot, limited to 20 riders.  Once you sign up I will email you to set up your first appointment.

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