Enter the dragon. Unlocking your beast

Well, there is one thing that you could do that would totally change your riding.  Push it harder!  Say this mantra to yourself right now ” I suffer and love it!” You have more left in your tank than you think.  You have more ability than you give yourself credit for.  You know how after a really hard ride you say to yourself “I think I could have done better”, well you are right!  Warning…this is my Chelan camp ramble…I am here every May for our 5-day training camp and every year it gets me fired up!

You have a beast inside of you that is just waiting to express itself.  You will never know how much harder you could go, how much more intense you could work, again and again to get faster and better unless you force yourself to do it.  It only takes a mind shift to embrace more suffering.  Enter the dragon…challenge your limitation, your self fulfilling roadblock getting in the way of what you want.  It never gets comfortable, it never gets easy, you just get used to more suffering and harder work and you adapt.  Get clear on what you want, your goal.  You find a way, you keep digging, you get set-back and you adapt and find another way.  

That is the way of the Dragon, the beast inside you, that wants to roar.  It is a war, a war against laziness, a war against slowing down, a war against aging, a war against youth that don’t know how easy they have it, a war against all the missed opportunities, a war against the rejection, the missing out, the not being picked, the party you didn’t get invited to, all the times you had the door shut in front of you.  Well it is time to crash the door in, ride your beast in and LIGHT.  IT. UP!!!

One thing I have been thinking on this Chelan trip this year is how good it is to work hard.  How good it feels to push it past where your body wants you to stop.  To push it into new realms of hard work and feel that deep down tiredness.  It is always hard to start doing longer and harder rides, it is something you just have to suffer through to enjoy the rewards.  I just watched a war movie after a great day of riding…so many good young men and women die in war, what can I do to enjoy my freedom, to not take it for granted, to live life as well as I can live it, to rise to my best level, to savor every drop. 

We climb McNeil canyon tomorrow (this was last week at camp) and I have to say I am excited.  It is a challenge, a brute, a monster, a Dragon, 5 miles of hell, and I shall slay it, I shall muster my resolve, push into the hill and drive home my agenda with all the strength I possess.  It has turned back many, it has shredded those unprepared or unwilling to endure the exacting penalty of it’s slopes, but for those who have risen, who have accepted the challenge, who have perservered, who have made it to the mountain top, there is the sweet taste of victory.  Drink in the sweetness of victory over fear, sweet victory, until we are back in search of the next Dragon.

Ways to improve quickly for upcoming posts:  Compression socks.  Nubbed rollers and active release balls.  Beet powder.  Hard intervals.  Sport legs.  Massage.  Legs up after riding.  Recovery smoothie.  Better bike fit.  Pedal stroke.  Fish oil 1 tbsp per 50lbs.  Embrocation.  Vitamins.  Sodium loading.  Lean fueling.  Embrocation.  Turbo breathing.  Let me know if you want to discuss any of these “cheats” to getting faster and stronger.

Coach Craig out…rambling on…riding the Dragon…

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