Training food recipe that’s real food! Coconut raisin rice cakes

By: Heather Nielson

Last night while teaching my last (!) ICE class for the season I think I spent as much time answering questions about balancing nutrition for training & weight loss as I did giving count downs for the work out! I really enjoy helping people where and when I can to reach their fitness goals and many times that includes more than just giving someone a prescribed work-out on the bike. My educational background includes a double minor in chemistry and nutrition and so I can usually answer a lot of questions for people when they feel like they’re ‘stuck’ in trying to get the most out of their training and weight loss goals. Most people generally know how to eat healthy and they know they need to exercise; but it’s not uncommon for someone to reach a plateau in their training and weight loss goals and it requires additional expertise to change a few details in their regimen to jump start their body to another ‘level’. The fact that once you’ve been eating the same way and training the same way for quite awhile, your body adapts to that energy input and output makes the human body both amazing and annoying at the same time! It takes another change or shift in your habits to shift your body to a new normal. When it comes to making or breaking habits, I’ve always been a big proponent of small changes, life long sustainable habits; not short term ‘crash’ diets that require unsustainable lifestyle habits. I’ll write more in future posts about details on the above but my main point for this post is that change takes time, lifestyle habits need to be sustainable over the long term and that diet isn’t necessarily about restricting certain foods but about timing them. Who doesn’t love a cookie, ice cream or dessert? Is it really wise to say you’re never going to have dessert….ever again?! If you want that dessert, or ‘quick carb’ go ahead! My suggestion: time it with your training. Eat those simpler carbs before, during and after work-outs and leave the rest of the day to produce and protein as much as possible.

With the sheer amount of ‘gu’s’ and other syrupy fuels I go through during the race season, I get really sick of that kind of food and so when I’m not racing I prefer real food when training. I decided to try making rice cakes for the first time last weekend, with success! I was sharing this with my ICE students last night and they suggested I post the recipe. So here is my version of Coconut raisin rice cakes


  • 2 C white rice cooked until water is gone. Rice should be starchy sticky
  • 1 C organic shredded coconut
  • 4 Tbl coconut oil (melted if not already liquid at room temperature)
  • 1 C raisins
  1. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until thoroughly coated
  2. Spread out onto a 9×5 baking dish and pat down
  3. Refrigerate overnight
  4. Cut into squares and wrap in foil
  5. Stack in fridge, grab and go!

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