Seattle Bike Show Review, formerly Seattle Bike Expo

I think this was the 19th year in a row I had a booth at the Seattle Bike Expo or Bike show.  It is interesting to see how things have changed over the years, I was the first professional Bicycle Coach in Seattle to be at the show in 1997, at that time people said “who needs a bike coach, everyone knows how to ride a bike!”  How wrong they were…but this year there weren’t any other coaches there, but there was some cool stuff despite there being less bike shops in attendance.

#1 on my list is the new locally made Gerard bicycles, a very sexy looking road machine created by local racing/cool guy legend John Sheehan, former Irish national champion who is making these sweet rides out of Kirkland!  They look like a cross between a Pinarello and an Orbea, Here is a link and a pic:Oh and there were some cool bikes from Portland, and fenders and other fancy artesian stuff…but who cares, I’m not really into the “slow” bike thing, although I support anyone not in a hurry, just don’t get in my way : )

#2 holy crap the Electric bikes are here!  This show had more electric bikes than charity century rides, there were blocks of 10 booths ALL electric with CRAZY looking machines that looked like mini motor cycles, scooters, regular bikes and trikes.  

#3 the kids pump track was very cool, it is great to see so many kids program and ways to get young people riding their bikes again. Speaking of which, we are offering Early Bird discounts on our summer kids weekly camps, only $150 for a week until April 1st when prices go up https://cycleu.com/classes-coaching/kids-classes/kids-summer-academy/ 

#4 Cool lights – wow, lighting technology has come a long way, and with the dark rainy nights in Seattle on bike it is better to be lit up like Christmas, so spend VERY LITTLE and look like a cop car pulling someone over with Monkey lights, Lights in motion and others.

I hope next year the “show” can attract more shops to talk about the cool aspects of Bicycle retail and neighborhood cycling, most of us started our passion for cycling by visiting local shops like the excellent http://www.westsidebicycles.com to share our stoke for cycling and adventure on 2 wheels.  If you want to see the latest “cool” stuff, stop into your local neighborhood shop and you can hear from the experts on what the latest must have items are.

Spin to win,

Coach Craig

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