You’ve got goals……… now what?

By: Heather Nielson

We’ve been talking a lot about goal setting over the last month with Craig’s post about changing the time line on his personal goals, as well as my other post earlier this month about setting yourself up for success while you think about what your goals are going to be for the coming year. You also may have had the opportunity to hear Craig speak over at Cascade bicycles about goal setting. After all of that, we hope you have some specific, measureable, attainable, realistic & timely (S.M.A.R.T!) goals for yourself. You’ve probably even started working toward them and keeping track of your progress, adjusting your timelines, nailing down your resources and are still really motivated.

I wanted to now talk about what oftentimes happens after you’ve gotten started working toward your goals: you self-sabotage. We’ve all done it. We don’t ‘see’ the results we were expecting as quickly as we were expecting to. I’ll never stop saying it: consistency is your biggest ally. You didn’t get to that high powered career position in just a few months, it took years. You didn’t add all that unwanted weight in just a week, it’ll take more than a few weeks to take it off. In this age of instantaneous gratification, I think sometimes we forget that most things take time. How much time? That depends! It’s also no secret that everyone responds differently to training, new methods of habits are unique to the individual and there is always more than one way to a destination. Again, keep track of your progress. If you decide to change something, change one thing and then wait for a week or two! If you change too many variables at once, you won’t know what was/is working and what is/isn’t.

We aren’t meant to go through life alone. That’s not how/why we evolved nor is it healthy. Surround yourself with experts, people you trust, create a support system, educate yourself, never stop asking questions, trust information from only the most reliable resources and last but certainly not least: don’t stop listening to your body and gut. This is the hardest, but most important part to your success. If something doesn’t feel ‘right’ or like it’s just not working for you, it probably isn’t! Change one thing, ask an expert, keep track, and you will keep pedaling closer to that goal!

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