The New Year – Grind = Reward!

Well I don’t know how your holidays went, but mine were short and fast!  I am finally feeling recovered and ready to tackle the new year.  Some years I hit the ground running January 1st, but this year I sit here on the 17th and am just barely ready to start the new year.

So the first thing I like to do is look back on last year.  What did I come away from last year feeling was unfinished or needed to be improved?  What sucked and must never be repeated!  What was awesome and must be doubled down on?

Was your year a Grind?

Every year is different, some years I am pretty close to nailing my goals/ideas for the year, others I am so far off I wonder what the hell I was thinking.  This past year was a little of both.  I look at my life in columns, each column can be rated on a scale of 0-100.  Columns include:  Family – Love – Friends – Fitness/Health – Business/Career – Spiritual Connection – Fun.  First question, how did I do last year, how close to 100 am I in each category?  Answer:  70, 80, 60, 80, 50, 55, 60.  

It is interesting to me that I can pour myself into improving one of these columns, only to find I didn’t end up getting any closer to 100.  Then another column like my fitness is the best it has been in years with less time spent working on it as the prior year.  Some years you grind, laying the foundation for future success, other years you reap the reward of prior work done.  This is the game of life.

This is where coaching really pays off

and we all need advisors for areas we want to improve.  I have a great business coach, we meet every week and he brings a wealth of perspective to my challenges and opportunities at Cycle U.  Even though I rated my Business/Career the lowest of all my columns,  I spent the most time and energy working on it.  My take away = grind year, reward coming soon.  Just the opposite with my Fitness/Health, I did less work on it this year and had my best racing in Cyclocross in 15 years, winning the Best all around Cross racer for age 50+ in the state and 3rd in the state championship.  

Grind today, reward tomorrow!


Next question, what would it take to make all of them 100?  Now I have some thinking to do…and that is exactly what I am going to do with some of you this Friday at my talk at Cascade Bicycle Club on Goal setting and planning a great year.  In the past I have called this Advanced Focus and Motivation AFM and if you want to spend an hour trying to move the needle on the columns in your life, join me for a free session on exactly how to do it and have your best year yet:  This Friday Jan. 22nd 7-8pm at Cascade Bicycle Club, doors open at 6:30pm, hope to see you.

C U on the road or Trainer near you!

Coach Craig

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