2 hour a week Training – Seriously

I train 2 hours a week, and I do pretty good.  This is the first article I am writing on my “2 hour a week training plan” so it is in broad strokes to give you the big picture of how to do this.  The basics of it is that I do 2 hours on the indoor trainer pretty hard, and then do everything else as well as I can to prepare for my main goal.

Between February 1 and Aug 1 of this year I mostly just rode 2 hours during the week and not much more.  I don’t like to brag, but I do pretty well racing on only 2 hours a week, and both of those hours are on Comptrainers at Cycle U teaching the noon class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Here is my podium pic (I’m on the right) from last weekend racing against the fastest “old guys” age 45 and up in the region…I’m 52 and many of the fastest guys are 6-7 years younger than I am and training 10-15 hours a week.


The workouts we do are not easy, and sometimes I can’t complete them at the intensity that I write them, so some days I really only do 1.4 hours a week.  There are 3 factors that really help me stay at the top of my game and they might not be what you think.

1.  I focus on my diet and hydration

2.  I am clear on my plan for the year and focus on it 100%

3.  I get massage and chiropractic care once a month minimum

Diet and hydration are easy, focus on plant based organic foods and hydrate.  80-20 rule here.  The mental/emotional part is where I really make my living.

Having the singular clarity of purpose gives me all of my ability on the day of my event as well as my training each week because my whole year is focused on it and I am saving my energy and emotional reserves to give it absolutely everything.  This year I targeted the MFG Cyclocross series, and the last race is this Sunday at Woodland park.  I am currently in 6th overall and with a good race on Sunday I can finish top 5.  My goal was to win, but for a number of reasons I was limited to 2 hours a week this summer which wasn’t enough to give me winning fitness, but it was pretty close.

Here is a picture of one of our workouts that I write for our Indoor Cycling Elite program ICE.  It is the same workouts we use at both locations daily this time of year so there is no magic in them, other than they are very good at working both intensity and technique with the Spin Scan feature during intervals at least once a week.

This stuff works.  The science behind our workouts is second to none, because it not only uses the best training knowledge available that top coaches use at the Professional and Olympic level, it makes it correct for any level rider in the duration and frequency necessary to cause improvement across all energy systems.  Very efficient, very scientific, very user friendly when delivered by an educated coach in a inspirational environment.  The best part?  Any level of rider can do our class, from someone who just bought their first bike to a national level competitor.  I guarantee you both will be very pleased and much fitter after taking 2 months of our classes, side by side and no one is waiting or struggling to keep up, we are all in this together regardless of ability.

I hope you will join me in a class, the first one is always free, just bring your bike and show up a bit early and we will show you what to do…you just have to turn the pedals and do your best.  Look for article #2 soon on more details of my 2 hour a week training plan.

Spin to win,

Coach Craig

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