August – ride hard and ride long!

August is the best month to ride your bike.  The weather is PEAKING! and that is saying something in the NW where I seriously don’t expect us to EVER have a summer this nice again, so put your excuses on the shelf and hit the road!  I can’t even keep up with it all, Century rides, Mountain bike rides, FONDO’s, Triathlon, Cyclocross, Gravel Grinders, Track racing, Commuting and everthing else, it is mayhem and I can’t decide what to do!  All my non-riding friends are commenting “wow, so many bikes on the roads and trails, this is really a big deal!”  Well, I have to be a bit smug and say “yup, saw this coming in 1985 when I dedicated my life to cycling” and now everyone knows why, best damn thing you can do for yourself.

As many of you know I am on my comeback, getting ready to race Cyclocross this Fall, and I have to say there is nothing better than being back on the “program” again.  Last time

I was this excited I worked part time and raced and trained full time in 1996, now I have 5 hours a week to train, but I still have hope!  I even feel a bit better because I have time to recover between rides, and the last time I raced seriously I rode 5-6 days a week.  Now I get on the bike 3 times a week, but I make it count.  By “count” I mean I work hard, to my limit, focused on turning perfect circles and using everything I have to turn the pedals around.  

Here are some of the things I am doing to get ready for the season:

-cutting back on meat and eliminated coffee

-doing 1 hour workouts 2 x per week on the trainer for pure quality training, no interuptions

-coaching our Cross Bootcamps 2 nights per week to get skills and drills sharp

-mapping out my calendar and prioritizing my events with family and work

-signed up for my key races

-see my Chiropractor and Masseus every 3 weeks in stead of 4-5

-cut back on alchohol

C U on the road!

Coach Craig



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