Why Lake Chelan is the best place to ride in Washington State

We just finished our annual pilgramage to the best riding in the state of Washington, Lake Chelan.  You could argue that the Mount Rainier area has the most epic climbs up beasts like Chinook and Sunrise, but you can’t swim there.  You could suggest that Orcas island or any of the other San Juan islands are the best, but the roads are narrow and the only good climb is Mt. Constitution.  Bellingham and Olympia have their magic, as does Seattle and Tacoma, but true cycling paradise is east of the mountains where the air is dry, the roads are smooth and the traffic is light.

Here are my reasons why I love our Chelan camp:

1.  Warm dry weather, some days I feel like I am in Mexico.

2.  Wide shoulders and light traffic.  

3.  The road quality is nice, often smooth.

4.  The lake is beautiful, offering a number of flat options.

5.  The vinyards that have sprouted up here create a feeling like Italy.  Rural beauty with hills, rocks and blue water contrast.

6.  Plentiful long hard climbs like McNeil Canyon, Union, Butte, Navarre Colouee and the Manson area climbs.

We do our camp for 5 days every May, and you not only get guided tours with great ride leaders and sag vehicles showing you every turn, but you get instruction from some of the best cycling coaches in the state.  Free bike fit checks, basic tune ups and a training plan with free indoor cycling leading up to the trip to be sure you are ready.  Join us or head out on your own, do the Chelan Century if you want to do an organized ride, and explore this amazing gem in our state for cycling.  Get an early bird discount when you pay your deposit for 2016, more info here Chelan camp info

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