Arch-o-meter, Foot comfort and performance to the pedals

When talking bike fitting, the place where the rubber really meets the road is where your foot pressures the pedals.  Before you put pressure on the pedals and make the crank go around, your foot must transfer it’s force into the shoe, and that interface is perhaps the most important in making the bike go and not wasting any energy.

Another innovation that Specialized pioneered is the Arch-o-meter.  Anyone can quickly be measured for the correct arch height and improve comfort dramatically with a footbed that the correct level of cushion and support…and the best part?  = The cost is only $30 a pair.  If you ride in wet weather, are a heavier rider or are a hard pedaling hammer head, plan to replace your footbeds every year as they do compress giving you less cushion.  If your arch is collapsing every pedal stroke, you are wasting precious watts.

Arch-o-meter to find correct footbed quickly 

At Cycle U we do fittings daily from both stores with either Craig Undem or Colin Gibson, both Specialized trained elite fitters with years of experience.  Even if you only want help in picking out the right saddle or to troubleshoot some pain you are having you can walk into either store or call/email us to set something up.  All of our fittings are good for 1 year, and if you buy a saddle or stem from us as part of one of our fittings, you get 30days to try it and if it isn’t the right one you can return it and try another choice.   Get fitted, get comfortable and Get Ready to Ride! More info on our fitting CLICK HERE

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