Ride to live past 100

I want to see 2063, because in that year I will turn 100 years old.  It seems like it is a fantasy number, so far in the future that the world will be a vastly different place, and writing this makes it seem even more fantastic, like I am on a journey to the space age.  I don’t know if there have been any studies about how *deciding* to live to an old age has any bearing on that coming true, but if it does, let’s all take a moment to visualize hitting 100.  I can now see myself high-fiving my grand children as I take a victory lap on my electric trike, grab a glass of Champaign and see how fast I can take a corner, hell if I get to that stage might as well go for broke!

Set your goals high, remind yourself of what you are really all about, and realize that taking care of your health is the key to being able to do anything else worthwhile in your life.  Cycling is the new wonder drug that can have you living full and strong, till the finish line of life!  Come ride with us.

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