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Dean’s Letter: Step up to Fitness!

Spring has sprung and excitement for riding season is at its peak. This is the time of year when everything is possible. This year, you will set your personal record up Goat Hill. You will finally tackle that epic ride, your own personal Tour.  Whatever your goal or target is this season, now IS NOT the time to double down on your training.  Pushing yourself too hard this time of year is a recipe for poor performance and sickness later on.

It is very tempting to overwork yourself in the spring. Riders who want to improve over the summer season often feel  faced with two choices :

A.Vow to double down on their training in the next month so they quickly reach their goals or  B. map out the next 8 weeks with a step by step plan, building ride length and intensity with plenty of recovery riding in between.

Although it is natural to pick A, the correct choice is B. Pushing yourself  too hard early in the season can cause overuse injuries. To avoid over training, steadily build your training hours as the days get longer. Taking small steps will allow you to achieve your goals without causing injury.

The key to Plan B is  scheduling. If it isn’t in my schedule, it doesn’t get done.  When I started teaching two  noon classes each week, I realized that I needed to keep those rides as a part of my schedule year round. The foundation of my week is based on that two ride plan. I always make sure to complete two good rides during the week, then a bonus ride on the weekend. Working towards the cyclocross season in September, my training plan builds steadily in intensity.  Stepping  my way up to big events allows me to bring the heat without burning out.

C U on the trails!

Craig Undem


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