Fix a flat tire, basic bike maintenance – a free clinic 4/15 6:30pm

We are giving a free clinic next Wednesday April 15th at the West Seattle Cycle U at 6:30pm:  How to fix a flat and take care of your bicycle.  Free tea and coffee as well, finshing at 7:15pm, 3418 Harbor Ave SW, free parking as always across the street.

I love my bike(s), all of them.  I love them much better when they work well and do what I want them to.  We know many of you hesitate to go on that ride because you don’t know how to change a flat tire, well we can help you learn how to be self sufficient out on the road.  Once you know how to change a flat, you will be ready to tackle whatever ride you choose and explore this great area by bicycle, start to bicycle commute or go for a Sunday spin.

In our Fix a Flat class we will go over the key elements of good bicycle maintenance:

  • how to fix a flat
  • carry the right gear to get you going again if you flat
  • basics of a safe bicycle to check on each ride
  • lubing your chain and pumping up your tires correctly

You don’t even need a bicycle, we will use ours to show you how to do everything, just bring your questions.
This is a free monthly clinic at our West Seattle store which will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.

The other free monthly clinic is:  Bike Commuting in Seattle, how to, held the first Wednesday of each month, next one is May 6th.

With traffic getting worse as the economy gets better, it makes more sense now than ever to ride your bike to work and on errands. Get in shape, save some $ and get your grove back!  Email Craig with any questions:  Craig@cycleu.com

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