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Commuting by bicycle in Seattle – a free clinic 4/1 6:30pm

I’m giving a free clinic this Wednesday night at the West Seattle Cycle U at 6:30pm:  How to bike commute in Seattle.  Free tea and coffee as well, finshing at 7:15pm, 3418 Harbor Ave SW, free parking as always across the street.

I love riding my bike in traffic (this is Craig talking), today on my commute through downtown I felt like I was a motocycle in Hong Kong in rush hour traffic, but it was a Sunday, and I was just riding to the West Seattle store from the Sand Point store.   I arrived at work feeling 20 times better than when I had started, energized, calm and flush with good circulation.  I have been a bike commuter since I moved to Colorado to start racing in 1987, and there are few things in life that make more sense than riding your bike to work.  Here are the key benefits:

1.  Get in better shape

2.  No waiting in traffic or long lines of cars, much less frustration

3.  $ No gas and the repair bills are 1/20th of a car

4.  Parking is always (or almost always) right in front of your destination and free

5.  You feel more connected because you feel, smell and really see the area, you are a participant in the dance of travel, not just a passenger (today a road worker gave me a head nod and “have a nice ride Bro”, you don’t get that in a car). I also stopped and chatted with a friend at the West Seattle bridge and felt the wind off the water.

6.  It is often faster or just as fast as driving

7.  Its an anti-depressant, so you feel better and work better.  On the way home you de-stress and feel better when you get home.

8.  It is fun!  Riding is just plain fun, turning, going fast, wind in your hair (helmet).  It just plain makes you smile.

In my commuting class we will go over the key elements of a good commute:

  • route
  • bike/tires/brakes
  • gear
  • clothing for riding and working
  • dangers and things to avoid
  • tricks and ways to get started on any length commute
This is a lecture/dry land class without riding.  We will be doing a ride from West Seattle to downtown Seattle on Saturday at noon, more details at the clinic.

With traffic getting worse as the economy gets better, it makes more sense now than ever to ride your bike to work and on errands. Email Craig with any questions:

This class will be held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the West Seattle Cycle U.

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2 thoughts on “Commuting by bicycle in Seattle – a free clinic 4/1 6:30pm

  1. Michael

    Hi Craig. I am moving to Seattle in May. Though I have been through many times on my travels I have never been there longer then 3 days. I know the notorious “It rains a lot” and that doesn’t faze me (Lived in Juneau, AK for a few years and kinda loved it).

    Anyhow my questions are:

    1. How long do you estimate the cycling commute from, say a downtown location like, Cap Hill to Bothell (potential employment area).

    2. How is the climate these days? I live in Anchorage, AK and the last 3 years have shown less and less cold and snow. Been quite unpredictable, one reason for which I choose to leave.

    Thanks for your insight in commuting in Seattle. I’m cycling battle ridden but love to ride either of my bikes weather permitting so can agree with your “pros” for bike commuting to work.

    Ride safely,



    • Hi Michael,

      That is a good commute and mostly on paved bicycle trails if you ride the Burke Gilman from Bothel to Fremont, then up and over the moderate Dexter climb, then pick your way into downtown which varies depending on where your desination is. Googlemaps shows 17 miles and about an hour and a half (your speed will vary). Weather has been warmer than anyone can remember, lots of 60 degree days this winter so it is very do-able with average rain gear. Stop on in or let me know if you have any other questions.




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