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How not to crash on a bike

It is fun to go fast on a bike, REALLY fun! But there are risks out there, and we want you to be safe, so here are some tips to help you avoid trouble:

1. assume cars will do stupid things, assume people don’t see well and are on prescription meds. It is up to you to not put yourself in harms way, so pick safe roads, if there is no shoulder to ride on, get off that road as fast as possible.

2.  be defensive, look at parked cars as you past to see if there are drivers who could open doors, look at the front car tires, could this car pull out and hit you?

3.  learn to brake well and know what your brakes will do when you slam them on.  Become an expert on road surface traction, cycling takes a perfect focus on the road and the surroundings at all times and appropriate speed choices, even a momentary lapse could have very bad consequences.

4.  double check your equipment, flat tires, chains snapping from being installed incorrectly, skewers not tight, handlebars slipping, all these things can cause mishaps.

5.  when following another rider, stay slightly to the side, and assume they will brake quickly or turn without notice…until you train them not to.

Get out there and enjoy this early Spring…with caution.

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