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Kids ride bikes like ducks swim

It amazes me how much fun kids have riding bikes and going over jumps. Among our many kids bicycle offerings is the Larry Kemp camp each August for 4 days near Cle Elum. Not every kid loves riding their bike, but the ones that do really bring a smile to my face, watching them race to get back on their bike after every lunch, breakfast or activity, they can’t get enough!


They all love riding, but some really push the limit to see what they can do, and we start with very small 2 inch high 2 x 4’s  then small ramps and after awhile, they build them into big jumps we only let the advanced kids do.  With some good coaching, any kid can learn to love cycling, and between our Junior racing team, Learn to ride lessons and now our Kids Summer Academy we are getting more kids than ever on 2 wheels, and loving it!  Kids and bikes, like peanut butter n jelly.

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