Do More With ICE


ICE classes are now in full throttle for this winter, and we are excited as always to work with such a dedicated group of cyclists. Looking towards the coming months, you might be wondering how to get the most out of ICE in preparation for spring. Here are some simple ideas to supplement your training at Cycle University and get the most out of Indoor Cycling Elite

Short Weekday, Long Weekend  

If you have the opportunity, try to get out on the weekends. Invest in some winter riding gear and enjoy the season. On your rides, lay off the interval training and instead focus on getting in some solid miles. Going for longer spins will boost the benefit of your higher intensity sessions during the week. Ultimately, it will be a combination of time and intensity that will make the biggest difference in your riding.

If you like riding with a group, Cascade Bicycle Club offers numerous well organized group ride opportunities. You can check them out here.

Hit the Gym

It’s fun to shake things up, plus hitting the gym will make you a stronger cyclist. Want a bigger FTP? Strength training will make a difference.
Make sure you don’t just focus on building up your legs; a strong core, back and upper body are all necessary components to riding. You can read USA Cycling’s exercise guide here

Stretch and Roll

Roll out the kinks and stay limber! Stretching helps prevent injury and will help you perform better. Stretch every day if possible, even if you aren’t riding. It takes only a few minutes and could save you pulled muscle or tear in the future. You can find some sample stretches from Bikeradar here

For those wanting a little extra, foam rollers are a useful stretching tool for any cyclist. These do wonders on tired legs, working out even the worst of knots. Adding a foam roller to your stretching regimen will leave your legs ready for the next workout. Check out tips and techniques from Bicycling Magazine’s foam roller guide

As always, please feel free to pull aside a coach and ask any questions you have regarding training and fitness.

Have a blast spinning into shape!

Coach Vanessa



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