ICE Registration FAQ

Update March 2, 2015:  Registration for Spring 2015 classes is open.  To return to the main ICE page, click here.  For a walk-through of the new registration system, click here

How do I register?

Use the MindBody link below, log in or create an account, and select the type of class you would like to take from the tabs at the top of the page: “Sand Point ICE (Winter)” or “West Seattle ICE (Winter)”.  Our Spring session runs from March 23 – April 19.  Note that ICE Level 2 is included in the “Sand Point ICE” tab.

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When can I register?

Registration is currently open for all Spring ICE classes.

What is Drop-In Pricing?

Our standard pricing option is a 4-class package.  Drop-In Pricing allows you to purchase individual class credits.  If you are unable to attend all the sessions of an enrollment, this may be a good option for you. Simply select a day and time and choose which of the classes you would like to attend.   The Drop-In rate is $29.99/class.  When registering for fewer than four classes, you still have the option of purchasing the 4-class pack at $99.  Any unused credits can be applied to other classes between March 23 – May 17.

How long do my class credits last?

We have extended the expiration date of classes for Spring.  In the past, class credits expired after 8 weeks, whether or not they had been used.  Beginning this Winter, class credits will be valid for 12 weeks from the start of the session.  Spring class credits will be valid from March 23 – May 17.  This means that credits can be used any time in the 8-week winter session, or during the first four weeks of the following session.

Do I need to sign up for multiple classes per week?

In the past, we bundled two weekly classes. In 2014, we began offering the option of signing up for each day of the week individually.  Historically, riders who take two or three classes per week have seen more improvement in strength, but the new system allows for more scheduling flexibility.  Please note that if you would like to sign up for multiple weekly classes, you will have to select each class separately before checking out.

What if I need to cancel a class?

This year, all class cancellations and make ups will be handled through MindBody, and can be managed from your computer or smart phone.  Log in and follow “My Info” >,  “My Schedule” to see your upcoming classes.  If you give at least 18 hours notice, you can choose the “Cancel” option and receive a class credit that can be used for any of our 25 weekly classes at either of our training studios.  Late cancellations of less than 18 hours notice are considered “Late Cancellations,” and will result in loss of the class credit.  While we want to be as flexible as possible in accommodating schedule conflicts, we also need to fill our trainers!

When can I make up a missed class?

Your class credits can be used on any of our 25 weekly classes at both our Sand Point and West Seattle studios.  Level 1 and Level 2 classes are also compatible if you choose to take a mix of classes.

What if the class I want is full?

If you would like to attend a class that is full, you may use the Wait List feature in MindBody.  From the ICE tab, select a class with zero remaining spaces.  You will be asked whether you would like to place yourself on the wait list:

Wait List Login Screen

Wait List Prompt


Once you add yourself to the wait list, you will receive confirmation, along with your place in line.  If you would like to remove yourself from a wait list, you can access your current wait list by using the “My Info” tab > “My Schedule” > “Wait List”:

Wait List Confirmation

Wait List from My Info

How do I know if I get into a class from the wait list?

If space opens in a class with at least 18 hours notice and you are first in line on the wait list, you will be automatically registered for the class and receive a confirmation email &/or text message (see next Q for setting up text notifications).  You will not be charged until the class begins, so be sure to talk to your instructor upon arrival.  If you are paying cash or credit card for the class, your instructor will take payment before class.  If you are using a class credit for the class, the credit will automatically be deducted from your account when class begins.

What if I don’t check my email often enough to get wait list confirmations on time?

Once you are on the wait list, you are responsible for receiving confirmation messages.  If you would prefer a text message notification for wait list updates, you may edit your contact settings in MindBody.  Use the “My Info” > “Profile” > “Personal” > “Edit” feature, enter your mobile phone number, and change your Notification Preference to include text messages.  This does NOT sign you up for promotional materials, only registration notifications:

Text Notifications in MB

What if I get in off the wait list but I can no longer attend?

If this occurs, log in to your account, and use the “My Info” tab > “My Schedule” page, and cancel the class.  If the 18 hour notice window has passed, call our shop and a staff member can cancel the class for you without loss of credit.  Failure to cancel the class will result in loss of class credit.

Can I register for one class and be on stand-by for another class at the same time?

MindBody allows you to register for one class and place yourself on the wait list for an overlapping class.  For instance, you could register for a 5:00p ICE Level 1 class, and be on “stand by” for a 5:00p ICE Level 2 class.  If you get in to your stand-by class from the wait list, MindBody will not cancel your previous class and you will be double-booked, so be sure to cancel the original class using the instructions above, or by calling the appropriate studio and having a staff member cancel it for you.  Failure to cancel the original class will result in loss of class credit.

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