MindBody Registration Update

Update March 2, 2015: Registration for Spring 2015 classes is open.  To return to the main ICE page, click here.  For registration FAQ, click here.


Cycle U’s Winter Indoor Cycling session will begin December 1 and run through January 25 at both Sand Point and West Seattle locations.  This is a walk through of our new registration process, which will make registration, make-ups, and wait listing much easier.  For general program info and registration, click here.

ICE Registration Walk-Through:

We manage class registration through MindBody.  If you are a new client, use the link below to create an account.

[button size=”large” full=”true” link=”http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=3476&stype=-105&sView=week&sDate=3/23/2015″ bgColor=”#eb7439″ textColor=”#FFFFFF” hoverBgColor=”#24556c”]MindBody Registration Site »[/button]

Step 1: Select a Class

When you log in to your MindBody account, you are met with this page.  Select the appropriate tab at the top of the screen, and be sure to select the correct date. Spring classes begin on March 23, 2015.  Find your class and click “Sign up Now.”  Please note that Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday classes are no longer automatically bundled.  If you want to take two or more classes per week, you will have to sign up for them individually.

Main Screen Edit

Step 2: Single Class or Recurring Class

You have the option to sign up for an individual class, or to make a recurring reservation. To schedule a recurring reservation, use the drop down menu for “End Date,” and select the appropriate date.  Winter classes run for eight weeks, through January 25.  Click the “Make a single reservation” for individual classes, or “Make a recurring reservation” for multiples.  You may be notified that you do not have enough credits for the reservation. Click “OK” to move forward to payment options:

Recurring Option Dropdown Edit


Step 3: Select a Payment Option

We offer two payment plans: 4 classes for $99, or individual classes for $29 each.   If you plan on a recurring schedule, the 4-class pack is for you.  If you are unsure how many classes you wish to attend, the drop-in option may be better.  Note that purchasing a 4-class pack does not require immediate registration.  You may use your credits any time between March 23 and April 19.

Pricing Option Select

Step 4: Check out and Payment

Once you select a payment option, you will be taken to your Shopping Cart.  Note that you are shown which classes you are registering for, along with your order total.  If you would like to add additional classes, select “Continue Shopping,” otherwise, select “Check Out.” Enter your payment information and place your order.

8 Class Package Check out editPayment Screen

[button size=”large” full=”true” link=”http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=3476&stype=-105&sView=week&sDate=3/23/2015″ bgColor=”#eb7439″ textColor=”#FFFFFF” hoverBgColor=”#24556c”]Sand Point ICE – Spring Registration »[/button]

[button size=”large” full=”true” link=”http://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=3476&stype=-106&sView=week&sDate=3/23/2015″ bgColor=”#eb7439″ textColor=”#FFFFFF” hoverBgColor=”#24556c”]West Seattle ICE – Spring Registration »[/button]

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