Endura: The Difference is in the Details

With winter weather comes a shift in Seattle riding. A unique set of individuals emerge onto the streets, dusting off last year’s rainslicks, and adding  lights to fend off the coming darkness. They are Seattle’s all weather riders, relying on experience and reflective gear to keep them safe through rain and early winter nights. Luckily for these adventurous souls, there are many companies which applaud their dedication and make gear perfectly suited to tackle northwest winter riding. One such company is Endura, whose well constructed Luminite series is perfect for Pacific Northwest winters.

When Endura first came into our shop, it looked like we had doused an entire wall in dayglo paint. Bright pink, red, green, yellow and blue cascaded down our back wall like an alien waterfall. Many of my coworkers were excited and readily vouched for Endura’s durability and quality, so I decided to take a closer look.

The Luminite series consists of head to toe reflective gear, including helmet covers, gloves, rainshells and booties. What most interested me were the jackets, with their ‘80s neon cool factor and built in taillights. Taking a closer look at them, I found that Endura had lived up to their reputation.


Bright reflective detailing stylishly outlines pockets, zippers and both sides of the shoulders and arms, ensuring you will be seen from all sides. In the back, a roomy zippered pocket allows easy access to edibles, money, keys and cellphones. On the inside, a hidden flap covers an easily removable rear light, with three flash and brightness settings. The battery case is quickly removable with just your fingers, and come preloaded with a standard CR2032 button battery.


Small zippers under the arms allow for increased ventilation, a feature sorely missed in many rainshells on the market. Front pockets hide an elastic cord at the bottom of the jacket, allowing for convenient fit adjustment. The ends of the cord themselves are securely attached inside the pockets, so no more fishing for lost strings! The collar has similar adjustment located under a small flap with reflective detailing.

The jacket fits well, loosely form fitting with room to add an under layer, and allows excellent range of motion in the shoulders. The sleeves are a bit long for me, but are easily held back with sturdy, plastic Velcro straps.

Overall, the Endura Luminite series provides a colorful, comfortable and bright way to stay seen, safe and keep out the rain. Both men’s and women’s selections of gloves, helmet covers, jackets and booties are available at our West Seattle location.

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