ICE 2014: Registration Update

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Updated: September 29.  Open enrollment is available!  Click the link below for registration.

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Cycle University’s Indoor Cycling Sessions will begin October 6th at both Seattle locations.  We have a number of exciting changes to our registration system to share.  These changes will make it easier for you to sign up for classes and manage your make up sessions.  For general program info and registration, click here.

Registration FAQ

How do I register?

Go to https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/admhome?studioid=3476, log in or create an account, and select the type of class you would like to take: Sand Point ICE or West Seattle ICE.  All of the Fall enrollments run October 6 – November 30.

When can I register?

From September 3 – 15, we are offering a 10% discount on 8-week enrollments.

Beginning September 15, normal pricing will resume on 8-week enrollments

Beginning September 29, Open Enrollment will begin.

What is Open Enrollment?

Our standard registration requires the purchase of an 8-class pass.  Open enrollment allows you to register for individual classes within an 8-week session.  If you are unable to attend all the sessions of an enrollment, this may be a good option for you. Simply select a day and time and choose which of the classes you would like to attend.   You will be charged a per-class price of $29.99 instead of the full enrollment per-class price of $24.99.  You also have the option of purchasing the 8-class pack to get the discount, and any unused credits can be applied to other classes between October 6 and November 30.

Do I need to sign up for multiple classes per week?

This year, we are offering the option of signing up for each day of the week individually.  Historically, riders who take two or three classes per week see more improvement in strength, but the new system will allow for more scheduling flexibility.  Please note that if you would like to sign up for multiple weekly classes, you will have to select each enrollment individually before checking out.

What if I need to cancel a class?

This year, all class cancellations and make ups will be handled through MindBody, and can be managed from your computer or smart phone.  Once you log in, follow the link to “My Info” tab, and then “My Schedule” to see your upcoming classes.  If you give 24-hours notice, you can choose the “Cancel” option and receive a class credit that can be used for any of our 20+ weekly classes at either of our training studios.  Late cancellations of less than 24 hours notice will result in loss of the class credit.  While we want to be as flexible as possible in accommodating schedule conflicts, we also need to fill our trainers!

What if the class I want is full?

We are working with MindBody registration software to make wait listing classes as easy as possible.  At this time, make ups must be handled by Cycle U staff.  If a class that you would like to attend is full, call either Cycle U location during business hours or email indoorcycling@cycleu.com with your request.  You will be placed on the wait list.  If space opens, you will be notified and placed on the class roster.  If we do not receive any cancelations, you may still be able to attend class in the case of no-shows, but this cannot be guaranteed.  You will only be charged for the class if you attend.

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