Thunderbolt lights will get you through the storm

Topping out at just under 100 lumens, thunderbolt lights are perfect for  commuters and anyone looking to increase visibility in evening and morning rides. When I bought my matching head and taillights, the first thing I noticed about them was their versatility. Two rubber  straps stretch considerably, allowing you to mount the thunderbolts almost anywhere you can imagine. The headlight could comfortably fit on my handlebars or headtube, while the tail light  fit easily fit on my rear rack, helmet or seat stay.


Riding home with them that evening I immediately noticed their intensity. They far outclassed any lights I had owned before and lit part of the road around me. I felt secure in my visibility, and the flash setting ensured that even the most inattentive of drivers would notice me. They have since been my companions on late night grocery runs and evening rides.

The big test for my thunderbolts came earlier this year on a long ride in the rain. I had heard of other lights shorting out in the wet northwest weather, but the thunderbolt’s rubber outer shell appeared watertight to me. The seal covering its USB charging port was my only concern.  The entire trip it rained, sprinkling when my friend and I left and progressing to regular plodding Seattle rain as the ride went on. As we came to the end of the trip, a storm hit and rain began to sheet in head and crosswinds. Visibility was near zero at times and my partner and I became soaked as the persistent rain sought out any crack in our waterproof gear. A mile and a half from home, hail began to fall with the heavy rain.

The thunderbolt lights powered on through all of this, never showing any sign of dimming or shorting, their rubber seals holding true and watertight. I was glad that I could depend on them when I most needed them, when rain and dim light would have otherwise obscured my reflective gear. They are charging at my computer as I write, getting ready for the next adventure.

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