Dean’s Letter: Go Crazy for Cyclocross!

I love Cyclocross because it is the most fun kind of racing. No matter how I end up finishing a race, I always get an amazing workout and my “hair blown back” as my friend Toddy T used to say. Cyclocross is never boring. It is slippery, arduous, thrilling and tricky. Often I am riding so hard I can barely breathe – and I love it. Like downhill skiing, it is you against the course. There are always one or two rooty or rocky sections of each course that I mess up on. Maybe I didn’t position my bike right and got knocked off my line, or crashed and had to run to catch up. But from those mistakes, I learn. I love the feeling of finally getting it right, nailing it through a tough section without losing too much speed. It’s a great feeling to make up ground on another rider because I found a faster way through a turn.

Our Cross Bootcamp started this week, and I love it because it gets my head back into the game of Cross and starts the fitness gains I want to make through winter. I actually become more fit through the winter because of cross, and tend to get a bit out of shape in the spring. When Cross Bootcamp starts I know my downtime is over. It feels good to begin pushing my limits again, and I am excited to see our junior racers out there doing the same. It is very inspiring to see our kids braving the elements and giving it everything they have on the course. Their efforts have motivated me to get back into racing cross seriously. We plan to go to Austin TX this winter for the national championships, giving me the chance to see how I stack up against the other 50 year olds. Here is a video of me in my last race last year at Enumclaw if you want to get a feel for what cross is all about.

This is early for most “normal” people to think about cross, but a good time to start dipping your toes in the water if you are just starting. If you want to join us in September or take an intro class from us in the next couple months I hope to see you. Lots of people jump on the band wagon in September or October when we have more classic Cross weather. Join us and get on the program, your body, bike handling skills and mojo will be glad you did.

Coach Craig

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