Dean’s Letter: CycleU now Offering Yacht Services

With summer sun comes some of the greatest outdoor sports: cycling, boating and camping. Summer riding is some of the best of the year, with only a few months to soak up the sunshine. Hit the dirt for some sweet single track, rip the pavement for long hot epic rides (just got back from a great Chelan Century of heat and beauty in “little Italy”) head out to watch some Track racing at the Velodrome (or maybe borrow a bike and try a race) go to some local road races and get on a ferry to explore the San Juan islands with my bike and a few friends. There are so many fun things to do, I find the hardest thing is finding time for all my adventures.

It turns out that even the rich and famous have this problem too. Head Cycle U mechanics Erick, Ryan and I had a great little adventure servicing 20 bikes aboard one of the nicest private yachts in the world, the Vava II.  Owned by Ernesto Bertarelli and given to his wife as a gift, this sleek vessel was a treat to see. While on the yacht, we all got a fascinating glimpse into how the rich and famous really live. I have friends with money, and they tell me that the rich have the same problems as you and I, just with more 000’s behind them. My experiences on the Vava II confirmed this for me. I think the owner’s biggest challenge is to decide what to do with all his toys. Like me, he struggles to find time to do everything he wants, just on a bigger scale!

The Vava II is just one big floating toy chest with all the adventure, fishing and biking gear you could dream of. An ultra-modern yacht with stone and marble on raw teak everywhere, the level of opulence was impressive. There was even a deck for a pool, a deck for a Jacuzzi, and plethora of boats sitting on a huge “beach” platform off the back of the boat. It was a floating palace taken straight from a James Bond film.

Ernesto Bertarelli and his family know how to live! Just like you and I, he loves being on his bike and on his recent trip to Hawaii he rode every day. Unlike most of us, he has 20 bikes to choose from!  Somehow it comforts me that someone with all the means in the world chooses cycling over everything else.

Good luck fitting it all in, C U on the road!

Coach Craig

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