Dean’s Letter: The Platinum Rule

Those who have been in our shop of late may have noticed a change- new posters stating what I call the Platinum Rule: Treat others as they would like to be treated. Here at Cycle U, our focus lies on helping riders achieve their goals through training suited to their unique needs. This philosophy reflects our commitment to listen to our riders and help them to achieve their goals.


It fosters a unique dialogue between rider and coach- not just us telling you what to do, but a two way discussion to help you improve your abilities. Being open to the ideas and perspectives of our riders helps us to understand their needs as both a cyclist and a person. To understand what another person truly desires of themselves and others is not just a good coaching tool- it is a philosophy for life.


It is what has shaped Cycle U and created all of our classes, shops and coaching.  We listen, we brainstorm ideas, and we create solutions.  I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I started Cycle U.  I have so many great memories of rides, training sessions, retail encounters and conversations with all of you that I feel immensely blessed and lucky.


 It all started with a little idea to educate instead of sell, and it has grown into something much bigger than I ever imagined.  The people that work here now, and those who have worked here and gone on to bigger and better things, I am proud of each one of you and you deserve the credit as much as I do.  Thanks for joining us on the ride, and let’s get ready for the next one!


Spin to win,


Coach Craig

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