Bike Spotlight: S-Works Venge


I first had the opportunity to ride a Venge S-works last year at SBCU. the first thing I noticed was the bike’s amazing lateral stiffness. When I put power into the pedals there was no movement. It’s off the line performance was shockingly different than the Roubaix I had been riding, but I found it to my liking.

I found there was little difference in feel between the carbon frames of the S-Works and base model Venge. Overall however, I was so impressed by it that I bought the S-Works Bike and have been putting mile upon mile on it ever since. It’s expectedly fast on corners, and if you get your trajectory just right, you’ll come out the other side with virtually the same speed you went in. It eats up straightaways, slicing through the wind like a hot knife through butter.

On the whole, the Venge is a great performer in almost every category. I took it up some of the more challenging hills in West Seattle, including the Marine View climb, the 35th ave climb out of the Arroyos, and the awe inspiring Salmon Creek Ravine(Goat Hill) climb. It performed well, but on a sustained climb I would prefer the Tarmac or the Roubaix. The Venge promises much more, and I will continue to experiment and share my results with you as I explore its capabilities

By Jeff Neubert

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