Indoor Cycling – Registration Open

Back to School for your body and mind!

We are hard at work upgrading both Sand Point and West Seattle to give you the best indoor training in the world.

Major upgrades:

– New stages being built to bolt down trainers and hide wires (both locations)
– Tiered workout theaters, new lighting.
– New workouts with synchronized video and music
– Dressing rooms in the workout facility

We now have 3 different levels of Indoor Cycling
ICE – Indoor Cycling Elite, great for anyone.
ICE Level II – The next level of ICE, limited to 8.
Indoor Endurance – Long ride with minimal coaching on pre-set courses with synched video and workout.

Grab a friend and join us.  You will get fit and feel great!

Grab a friend and join us. You will get fit and feel great!

Sand Point ICE class schedule:
Computrainer classes (16 rider limit)

Mon/Wed 5:30am (Craig Undem is teaching)
Mon/Wed 5:00pm (M: Haven Barnes W: Jessica Cutler)
Mon/Wed 6:30pm (M: Haven Barnes W: Jessica Cutler))
Tues/Thurs 6am (Mary)
Tues/Thurs noon (Mary) (5 spots left)
Tues/Thurs 5:00pm (T: Jessica Cutler Th: Vanessa Johnson)
Tues/Thurs 6:30pm (T: Jessica Cutler Th: Vanessa Johnson)
Sat 8:30am (Colin Gibson)
1 class per week: $199
2 classes per week: $399
CLICK HERE for ICE Sand Point

West Seattle ICE schedule 30% Off:
(10 rider limit)

Mon/Wed 6:00pm (Colin is Teaching) (Sold Out – Waitlist only)
Tues/Thurs 6am (Jeff is teaching)
Sat 8am (Jeff is teaching) (3 spots left)
TUITION for 8 week session:
30% off for West Seattle Only
1 class per week: $199 now $139
2 classes per week: $399 now $279
CLICK HERE for ICE West Seattle

ICE Level II *NEW Sand Point (8 rider limit)
Weeknight classes are 75 minutes of interval training. Weekend classes are 120min endurance workouts.
Rigorous and tailored to get the most out of you in every workout. ICE level II is for racers or those who train like them. You must be interested in pushing yourself and seeing what you can do. Small classes and a team approach. Prerequisite:
*Must have taken at least one full year of ICE – Level 1 before moving to Level 2. Final class approval will be done by Coach Colin (sign up first and ask questions later). Not sure if this would be a good fit email: colin@cycleu.com.

Tues/Thurs 5pm (only 2 spots left)
Tues/Thurs 6:45pm (Sold Out, Wait List Only)
2 classes per week: $399

*NEW to Sand Point – Indoor ENDURANCE
These new ‘Real Course’ and ‘Sufferfest’ CompuTrainer Weekend classes are un-coached endurance workouts. Setup your bike on the trainer before the start of class, a coach will get you warmed up and then enjoy riding hard with friends, while getting a great workout! These classes are meant for those who have ridden our CompuTrainers simulators before, and can manage to setup/calibrate on your own.

Sat 8-10am (8 rider limit)
Sat 10:30am-12pm (18 rider limit)
1 day a week $120
CLICK HERE for Indoor Endurance

Indoor Cycling is for everyone.

Indoor Cycling is for everyone.

Better than a Spin Class because:

  • Proven training program based on wattage zones
  • Computrainers, the gold standard in accuracy
  • Your bike
  • Your bike fit
  • Expert cycling coaches
  • On-site bike shop with repair between classes (and discounts)
  • Trackable, proven progress
  • No sweaty gym bikes
  • Wattage testing included
  • Motivational environment
  • Accountability
  • Each workout downloaded to Strava or Training Peaks for analysis
  • Inspiration and education in every class
  • Classes start the week of September 30th and go for 8 weeks till Thanksgiving. Get $50 credit if you bring a friend, and first class is always a ”free sample” to any new student.

    We have created this program to be the best in the world. We hope you can grab a friend and join us. We look forward to helping you improve.

    What is ICE?
    ICE is for everyone. It is a coached program on Computrainers using your own bicycle or one you rent from us. Open to riders of any level, you will be shown everything you need to know about using a Computrainer during the first week of this state-of-the-art program. Your coach will design each workout based on how the group is progressing and the strength of the riders, and every workout is exactly at YOUR level customized for you. You will see changes in your fitness with the most accurate wattage meters in the world. Your coach controls the software to give everyone in class a custom-tailored workout, every time.

    Email mary@cycleu.com if you have any questions at all, we specialize in getting new riders up to speed, and making good riders great!

    Welcome to the best Indoor Cycling program in the world.

    Get ready to ride!

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