Cycle University Levels of Hunger

The healthiest point to approach meals & start eating is at level 3 (can still make coherent choices); the healthiest place to stop eating is at level 5 – 6 (you are satisfied, but not stuffed)

1. lightheaded & barely functioning; food consumes your thoughts

2. Very hungry, cranky, low energy & irritable; you could stagger to the kitchen

3. You could eat, but you won’t die if you don’t

4. You are a little hungry or uncertain if you are hungry or not

5. Satisfied, your body has had enough to eat

6. You are a little full but could eat more

7. Your stomach feels stretched, you’re becoming uncomfortable

8. You’re really full & it hurts, you wish you hadn’t eaten so much

9. Pain is taking hold & your body is screaming for relief; you need to be rolled away

10.Thanksgiving Day full, the pain lasts for hours; you swear you won’t eat again for weeks

Over the next three days, observe your eating habits in relation to this scale. Use the chart below to keep track of which level you begin eating at and at which level you stop eating.

Day Breakfast start Breakfast end Lunch start Lunch end Dinner start Dinner end Snack start Snack end

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