Tips for Pride Fest 2013

Cycle U supports Gay! Cycle U has compiled a list of tips for the Seattle Pride festival! So here they are!

1. Make Sure Your Bike is Locked and Safe!:
The choice of which kind of lock and how safe your bike will be will be determined by WHERE you want to lock up. If you lock your bike in the U-district, Capitol Hill or Downtown, buy a good U lock and take the front wheel off and lock it to your frame, and don’t leave it overnight. The key is that the lock needs to go through your frame, and through your wheels, these are the key things to protect and if they are locked up then most “bad guys” will just leave it alone.
If you are in a low crime neighborhood you are fine with a good cable lock, which is easier to carry and more flexible to fit around trees or other odd shaped fences and poles. When I am going to PCC I just use a basic cable lock, and run it through my wheels and frame, even for my $8000 Specialized Venge. I am fine with it there for 30 minutes. I have even locked this same bike up downtown mid-day for 30 minutes for a meeting at Starbucks, but I could see it there. If I had a U lock I would have been fine for a couple hours.

2. Looking to bring your bike on the Water Taxi? Make sure to check the schedule! The Water Taxi is a great strategy to get to Pride from West Seattle! http://www.kingcounty.gov/transportation/kcdot/WaterTaxi/WestSeattleRoute/Schedule.aspx The ferry comes to 1660 harbor ave sw and drops you off 0.7 miles away from downtown at 801 Alaskan way!

3. Make sure to do a safety check on your bike before riding to Pride! Here’s how to do a safety check! https://cycleu.com/safety-check/

4. New Rider Tip: how to pump up tires: First, determine if you have a presta or schrader valve. Then find a pump that will work for that valve. Next, take off the cap if you have one, and for the presta, unscrew the top little metal screw thingy at the very tip of the valve. Then tap the valve to open it up and let some air out. Next, take the head of the pump and put it onto the valve, using 1/4 turn rotations as you press it on gently but firmly, and at a square 90degree angle. Push it on about 1/4 inch or more, then start to pump.

Each tire has a max tire pressure on the sidwall stamped on there somewhere. Look for that and then you can safely bring the tire up to that pressure. Check as you pump to be sure the sidewall of the tire is staying on the rim, stopping about half way to full pressure to look around the rim to be sure it is seated and the tube is not bubbling up around the edge. The tire should be uniform and even around the rim, if there is a stripe of some kind on the sidewall, this makes an excellent gauge to check uniform seating around the rim.

Take it up to full presssure (unless you are on rough roads and want a little more supple ride, then about 70% of max or so if fine, you won’t go quite as fast, but it will smooth out the ride) and then grab the pump head and twist as you pull if off the valve. A little air will leak out as you pull it off, this is fine. Press into the tire to check firmness, throw away the valve cap (or not), and Get Ready to Ride!

Cycle U always offers Free air filling of any tire, stop by either shop today for a quick check, it really makes the ride great.

5. Having trouble finding last minute rainbow flags? CycleU has found a few places that are selling them! Party @Display and Costume (located at 11201 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98125) and Red Balloon Company at (417 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112) both sell rainbow flags!

Get out there and Ride!

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