How to do a Safety Check

Before going out on the road you need to be sure your bike works, especially the brakes!

1.  Once you air up your tires at or below the max pressure printed on the side of the tire, grab the handlebars and squeeze the brakes tight and try to roll the bike backwards and forwards.  It should stop securely and immediatley.


2.  Push down on the handlebars hard with the brakes on.  Is it firm and not slipping down?


3.  Lift the front of the bike with the handlebar with one hand, and spin the front wheel with the other.  Does it spin freely?  Do the same for the rear wheel.  If it doesn’t spin, it might be the brakes are too tight or your bearings need lovin.


4.  Check shifting if you have it, try to shift into the easiest gear and be sure the chain stays on.


5.  Touch your chain if you haven’t recently lubed it.  If dry then add lube (see youtube video http://youtu.be/kUegu8-CCdA  on lubing chain correctly on the Cycle U channel).


6.  Start your test ride in an easy gear on a flat road and try the brakes and gears.


You are now Ready to Ride!


Have fun,
Cycle University

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