Countdown to Solstice Ride

Participating in the Solstice Parade this Saturday? Cycle University has some tips and tricks that will get you ready to ride!

  1. Make sure your saddle is at the right height: If you put your heels on the bike and pedal it backwards your legs should get strait and you should be able to keep heals on the pedals. If your legs don’t get extended on pedals then you need to keep rising the saddle until they do.
  2. New to riding in a pack? Check out our article on Pacelining and Group Riding! [http://cycleu.com/how-to-ride-a-paceline-and-not-fall-down/#more-1088]
  3. How to properly pump up a tire: First, identify whether your tube is a Presta or a Schrader. Find a pump applicable. Pump tube up to indicated pressure on side of tire

                                           .presta vs schrader

4. How to do your own safety check: [http://cycleu.com/safety-check/]

5. And Lastly, What if it rains? Make sure to give yourself an extra ten feet to stop.

You are now ready to ride!!
Have fun,
Cycle University