The importance of your ‘Why?’

by Craig Undem


This time of year when we are all thinking of getting a good start to our training and keeping our dreams in focus it is nice to look at what motivates us. We coach people every day, and we are always asking them WHY they want to achieve certain goals. What is it that will motivate them to lose ______ lbs, train ________ hours per week, spend _______ on a new bike, or go out riding when the weather is _________ and anyone in their right mind is at home. Do you know why you ride? Do you know what the PAYOFF is for doing what you want to do?

When we ask someone to set their goals for the year, we ask them WHY they want what they want, and we ask it without mercy. We believe that the person with the biggest reason (the biggest ‘Why?’) will accomplish the toughest goal. If you “would like” to be in shape for the ride, that is nice. If you “MUST!” be in shape for the big ride, then it changes what you will do to achieve your goal. It changes the priorities of your day, week, and month. It gets you connected to what you will get if you stay on-target and work toward what you have decided you really want.

Many people look at us totally lost at first. “What do you mean WHY do I ride, I love it!” or “I have never really thought about it…my friend was riding and I began to ride with her and now I just want to go on this tour.” To get your training at the top of your “to do” list, think about the little things you will get out of being in better shape…things like the example you will set. The idea that if you are physically stronger and more vibrant that you will enjoy life more, have more energy for what you love and be able to make a bigger difference. Things like that…let you mind stay with the question…the answers sometimes take considerable reflection.

The winner is the one who can answer the question the best… for themselves. What motivates you? What gets you out of bed in the morning to do the early ride? What keeps you up late cleaning your chain the night before? What keeps you watching your calories, choosing broccoli instead of burgers, and brown rice instead of bacon? What works for you? What will you get? Why must you do it? Only you can provide your answer, and realize all that you can be.

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