by Craig Undem

OK, I am a bit overweight. Some of you may look at me and say “Whatever dude, you are fine,” but I know it and I can feel the difference, not just in the 10 extra pounds, but in my energy levels as well. I am on a see-saw with my eating. I LOVE to eat for pleasure, in fact it is what originally motivated me to get into cycling, bread, pasta, cookies, pizza, I rode enough that I could eat whatever I wanted. Now that I don’t ride as much, I can feel the difference in my energy level and stamina. I know I need to eat better.

I am constantly on the look-out for inspiration to stay on the healthy diet path. Sometimes I just find myself enjoying bad food, and eventually it catches up with me. I notice it the most when trying to get up in the morning. When on a good diet I can get out of bed and rock-n-roll all day long. Right now that is not the case.

I was watching TV this weekend and began watching this skinny guy on PBS talk about diet and the miracle power of…you guessed it…whole natural foods! He hit it right on, and the best part is that he is a real Doctor with studies and research, not a bike coach with subjective data. He talks about the how nutrient dense foods can work miracles on overall health and are saving people from a life of medications and surgery.

I have noticed that some people don’t lose weight even though they eat 500 fewer calories than they burn each day, and maybe this is why: their nutrient value isn’t high enough. This is also consistent with the Alkaline vs. Acid diet I have mentioned in past newsletters: the doctor’s recommendations are pure Alkaline. Check this post from his site about high-nutrient diets:
This also explains some of the hunger reactions I have had when my diet isn’t good. Initially I wanted to title this post RUN LEAN: LEARN TO BE HUNGRY TWICE A DAY AND GET LEAN. But if my calories are not nutrient-rich, then the hunger is like a wicked addiction because my body is starved for not just calories, but nutrients and energy as well. He talks about the power of vegetables such as mushrooms and onions to fight cancer and the “miracle” cures of people on all kinds of medications who no longer need them once they switch to his diet. Since watching his show I have been re-inspired to eat more onions, mushrooms, garlic, peppers and other vegetables, and I notice the positive difference.

I also like how he treats vitamins: just take a good quality multi and Omega 3/6 oil and you will be fine if your diet is good. Nothing crazy, just good quality diet and basic vitamins.

I see myself and the Faculty of Cycle U as not just your mechanics, salespeople, coaches and assistants, but part of your health team. We love sharing tips that help us, and we hope they help you. We just updated our mission statement, and I think it reflects why we don’t just talk about carbon fiber or peak power profiles or lots of supplements. We want everyone to be healthy, not just fast.

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