Cycle U CX Bootcamp

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Welcome to the best Cross Season of your life!

Cycle University has been racing and winning since 1986, and teaching these sold out Cross Bootcamps in Seattle since 2004.  Coach Craig Undem was 3rd in the US in Supercup Competition for Elite men in 1996 and raced for the US in the World Championships.  Kristi Berg is 8 time Elite Women’s Washington State Champion and now has her own Cycle University in Arlington Washington.

The coaching staff at Cycle University has developed this world class 2 DVD set packed with over 90 minutes of Skills, Training, Nutrition, Recovery, and Core Strengthening to help you Rock Your Cross this season!  Best instructional DVD out there according to  Something for the new racers and experienced alike.

Here is what you get:

Disc 1 – Step by Step Instruction of all key Cyclocross fundamentals: Step Through Dismount and Remount Cowboy Dismount Carrying the Bike/Running Starts Sand/Mud Short Steep Climbs Off Cambres Cornering Mountain Bike Variations Pre Race Routine

Disc 2 – Advanced Coaching Sessions: Training Goal Setting Visualization Core Strength Routine Nutrition Rest and Recovery

Price for entire was $39.99, streaming version with unlimited use for 1 year $24.99 and get it right now!

Get ready to improve and race like a pro, follow Craig and Kristi as they teach you the fundamentals that create champions.  If you are in Seattle please stop by and ride with us!

Welcome to Cycle University, Get Ready to Ride!



Length: 3 minutes

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This is your first lesson in the Cycle U bootcamp. Let's go!

Dismount Intro

Complexity: Easy

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This is the lesson in which you will learn to dismount.


Complexity: Standard

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We will show you to glide in this lesson.

Step Thru

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This is the lesson where you learn to step thru.


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In this lesson, we will show you how to remount the bike.